First Deputy Governor in charge of Development Policy

Name: Baasangiin Tseren
Presidium of Khan-Uul District Citizens’ Khural

Date of birth: 1974

Education status:

1983-1992 10 year school

1993-1998 University

1998-2000 Humboldt University, Germany

2001-2002 Academy of Management

2003 GEF Customs Law

Foreign languages: Russian and English

Work experience:

2001 – 2002 Specialist at the General Customs Administration

2002 – 2005 Senior State Inspector at the Customs Office in Ulaanbaatar and Selenge.

2006 – 2015 General Director of “BG” Construction LLC

From 2015 to 2016, he was the Head of the Customs Department at the General Customs Administration

From 2016 to 2020, he was the Chairman of the Khan-Uul District Citizens ‘Representative Khural and the Chairman of the MPP faction in the Citizens’ Representative Khural

From 2021, he has been working as the First Deputy Governor of Khan-Uul District in charge of Development Policy

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Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar is one of the first four districts of the capital city established by the Decree No. 79 

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