Governor’s greeting

The people of Khan-Uul, who leaned on Khan-Uul and passed by the Queen-Tuul, greet you.

I am sure that you have been very active in helping the candidates of the Mongolian People’s Party win 62 seats in the Parliament and form a government on their own. I would like to express my gratitude to all 34 delegates to the Capital City Citizens ‘Representatives’ Assembly, 26 delegates to the District Citizens ‘Representatives’ Hural, and to the Mongolian People’s Party for their trust in us.

You can be sure that we will diligently respond to your trust and fully implement the action plan proposed by the Mongolian People’s Party at all levels. We will select a professional, knowledgeable and honest person at all levels of management, and we will work with those who have lost their trust and failed to fulfill their responsibilities. The active participation and support of all of you is very important in achieving our goals, so we will work with you on a regular basis. Khan-Uul people, may our work and life be optimistic, healthy and happy.

The governor J. Aldarjavhlan

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Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar is one of the first four districts of the capital city established by the Decree No. 79 

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