A half-thousand-year-old Buddha

The International Buddha Garden was established in 2006 at the lower right of Zaisan Hill. The 23-meter-tall Buddha Buddha in the park was created by Korean Buddhist sculptors. The goddess Lagshing is made of an adhesive material called yulaet, which is used to lint the bottom of boats and ships, and is resistant to sun, wind and water for 500 years. The Buddha’s eyes are designed to look at Ulaanbaatar, a symbol of protection. It is also famous for its bells, which symbolize peace and tranquility, and its tambourines, which call on the gods of heaven and earth to purify the souls of the city’s residents and travelers.

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Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar is one of the first four districts of the capital city established by the Decree No. 79 

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